Canning Basics for the Beginner – Choosing the Right Food

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Canning & Preserving Basics – Food Preparation to Storage

veggies Canning & preserving food is not difficult but it does take time and effort. And when you put that much time and energy, not to mention money, into something you want it to turn out well. Here are the basics for getting started with canning. From preparing to can to storing the finished project – doing each step correctly will result in tasty, safe food for your family.
Fresh Food

Choose only fruits and vegetables that are fresh and unblemished. Do not use food that has sat for several days to avoid spoilage. Making sure they are fresh means they will taste as delicious as they would in top class restaurants. Do not use food that has sat for several days to avoid spoilage. Make sure fruits and vegetables are canned using the proper method. All meats and vegetables should be processed using a pressure cooker. Fruits, tomatoes, jellies and jams are canned using a water bath canner.

One of the best things someone new to canning can buy is:

Blue Book Guide to Preserving (by Jarden Home Brands)

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