Canning Cream of Mushroom Soup

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Homemade-Cream-of-Mushroom-The-Foodie-Affair-3 I got this recipe from a Yahoo group I am on and it is my favorite way to make homemade cream of mushroom soup. Canning cream of mushroom soup is easier than you think.


•    1/3 cup butter
•    1 pound mushrooms, chopped or sliced
•    3/4 cup flour  (SEE NOTE – I use clear jel)
•    2 quarts meat stock (chicken bouillon may be substituted)
•    1 T. salt
•    1 tsp. lemon juice

Melt butter.  Add mushrooms and cook until brown.
Add meat stock, saving enough to mix with the flour.
Make a paste with meat stock and flour.
Mix all ingredients and heat until it boils.
Put in jars and process in pressure canner for 45 minutes
at 10 lb.pressure. (Note – This pressure is for 0 to 1000 feet.  If at a higher elevation adjust as needed.)
When opening to use, add equal amount of milk and soup.
Very good!
Makes 5 pints.
NOTE:  I have tripled this before and it just fits in my large stock pot.  I buy mushrooms when they are closing out at discount prices because they aren’t real fresh.  They make the best soup!  I use this soup just like you would the soup you buy in the store.  EDITOR: I buy them one marked down and freeze until I have enough for a batch.

Note (8/31/2007)
I modified this recipe to use Clear Jel (cook type) in place of the flour. I used a 1:1 substitution because I wanted a thicker soup base in the jar. I am very happy with the results. David

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